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She looked up her princess, "Good morning.." Signing she set down her book and rang for some breakfast and hot chocolate to share. Rubbing the ache from her shoulders as she walked to the Princesse's side.

"You know things are always changing sometimes its for the best even if we dont wanna see it, " putting her arms around her Princess "I know its something we dont wanna hear but I am sure he is well. Even you know that in your heart. With great love comes many trails but you live through it all and pray for the best." She laughed.

"I think I've been reading too many love stories." Turning around she saw the maid and told her to leave it on the table.


everyone please start posting so we can get this rpg going again!

Mar. 6th, 2009

She was tending to the flowers when she overheard the guards talk about the sudden disappearance of two of the visitors. This was a shock to hear  such news. 

She nodded her head and rushed to Serenity's room to see if the Princess was ok. But mostly how her heart was..she saw the look and new it all to well.

Kinmokusei goes boom and a farewell

In the midst of her meditation, Yaten felt her heart clench and chills run down her spine. They didn't have time to wait for the messenger to come back. Eyes snapping open, the empath raced over to her leader to shake her awake.

"We need to go. Now." Racing to Taiki's room, Yaten tried to wake the tallest of the Starlights, but it proved fruitless. They just didn't have that time to waste. Cursing, the empath wrote out a note for Taiki so she would know where they were before returning to hers and Seiya's room.

"Let's go, we don't have time to wake Taiki up." Henshining alongside Seiya, the two vanished into the sky and towards their home. They were Starlights, they had to protect their princess and home...By the time they got there, it was obvious why Kakyuu had sent them away but they would commit treason anyway.

The fighting was hard and finding Kakyuu near impossible. Turning around to say something to Fighter, Healer's eyes grew wide as she saw...something...darkness, she couldn't even tell, but whatever it was, it was heading towards her leader. Without thinking, the empath shoved Fighter out of the way, screaming in pain, breathing erratic. This was the end....Vaguely the dying Starlight was aware of the arms that caught her and lowered her to the ground, but she couldn't see...Struggling, Healer tried to say something, anything, apologize....but nothing. Instead the last thing she heard before slipping into eternal darkness was her leader's voice before it turned into screaming. As such, the empath never realized that her attempt to save Fighter was pointless as her leader fell over her dead body bloodied and broken without a breath.

( That's it for me. I have issues with the way the game is run and the heavy emphasis on romance as it is. So this will explain the lack of Seiya and Yaten until another Seiya is found. Have fun. )

See ya

I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to have to quit the RP for personal reasons.

Thanks and good luck.

After her work out she grabbed her towel on her way from the training room. That actually worked out all the kinks she felt in her body...she stopped in the halls leaning against the wall thinking about everything that had happened.

With Saturn now awakened what will happen to their system, was she the major threat the other system talked about or was it something much bigger. It made her worry about her princess, she new that she was young with such a kind heart that some took it for granted. It was one of the things that drew her to the princess. Smiling she continued to walk back to her room, knowing in her heart she would protect her no matter what the cost even at her own life.

After a quick shower she let her hair flow loosely around her shoulders and wore her gown, heading towards the garden to see how the new plants were growing..she started to hum a lullaby that came to her mind.


pst its princesskitten i made a rpg journal

She understood what Mina said about training..however she felt she should get a headstart on it. After she changed in to a pair of pants and a loose shirt she headed to the training room. Though this wasnt the proper outfit for a princess..it served its purpose.

She sat in the corner, crossed her legs and started to meditate. After her soul felt calm and she felt more focused. She began to take out all of her frustration out on the training dummy kicking and punching.
As Mina showed them to the rooms, "After you are rested, if you still want to go on the tour please let any of us know."

Mako eyed Mina after the doors were closed. Saying that they all needed to talk between themselves on all that had happened. After that was done it was off to the training room to
blow off some steam

Mar. 2nd, 2009

As the queen entered the room, Mako felt like a child again. After the queen spoke she felt sheepish. She knew they should of called her sooner in her heart but she didnt want to leave the princess alone. Her kind heart has gotten in to trouble so many times.

She smiled to herself remembering their trips to the earth...thats when she remembered how the princess said no good can come from there.

She continued to watch everyone and noting all the details. She was taki was like ami all books and not one to get angry. Seyia seemed to be the biggest heart breaker but can do a lot of damage later especially if the princess didnt keep her heart guarded.

Yaten....she couldn't hold her tongue, there was urgency in her eyes like she would rather be some place else rather than her husband. But how could blame her when he was fawning over another women.
As she sat down with the starlights she thanked the maid for the cup of tea and grabbed a few cookies along the way before she sat.

She took the seat towards the back corner near the door, just in case. She was laughing and smiling but keeping her eyes open to anything. Tonight she would work out all this tension she felt in the training room to blow off the steam. But for now she would continue to watch everyone and make sure nothing seemed out of place.