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MoonLight Romance-When a star loves the moon
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Welcome to the Sailor Moon rpg called Moonlight Romance An Rp dedicated to the love between Seiya and Usagi!(Seiya and Usagi will stay together in this rp no changes at all)
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Cast List!
Queen Serenity-serenity_kouhi
Princess Serenity-pgsm_usagi
Princess Mina-idol_dreaming
Princess Rei-Open
Princess Makoto-kitty_smile
Princess Ami-wisdom_rhapsody
Princess Haruka-tenousei_uranus
Princess Michiru-sea_swept_tide
Princess Setsuna-chronos_hades
Princess Hotaru-senshi_rebirth
Prince Seiya-seiyaofthestars
Prince Taiki-two_starlights
Chibiusa-Open but not comming in for a while!
Prince Endymion-Open
Queen Beryl-Open
4 generals-open

This story takes place durring the era of the Silver Millenium. The times are peaceful, there isnt an ounce of worry, as far as any one is concerned, life is perfect.

However, outside the Silver Millenium, worry has plagued the dreams of a forigen princess. The Kinmokuian princess, known as Princess Kakyuu, has had dreams of an evil so vicious, it threatens the life of not only her own people, but the planets outside her solar system. Worried, she sends her three gaurdians, Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Star Fighter, and Sailor Star Healer out into the galaxy to warn the planets of her preminision.

Else where, Evil has already begun to take shape. Lead by a face vaguely familier to one person. She leads the darkness from planet to planet, taking their energy to feed the darkness, and her own corrupt power.

And so, our story begins...



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