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After hearing Mina and Ami spoke she understood what she was born to do. Protect the princess even if it means her death. They needed to figure out why these three have come and what their purpose was.

So many things have happen between the trio and Saturn's awakening...something was about to happen she couldnt put her finger on it.

She started to follow the crowd to the room with her eyes never leaving Yaten..even though she was drawn to her she felt like she was gonna be trouble. The others didnt seem like a big threat just yet.
It was a relief to her ears to think it was just his nature but she could tell by the way Serenity and Seyua looked at each other it was something more.

She was still intrigued in this women in front of her she didnt understand the connection. Maybe it had to do something with protecting someone you love no matter what the cost. Looking back at Ami she could see her eyes that she was still pained from loosing Saturn.

"Maybe we can go to the library first, if that is ok with everyone." Maybe that would cheer Ami up again.
She saw how Seiya leaned over Serenity'shand and how he looked up at her. It was the same look she first saw on the earth prince face when the princess and him first met. The prince ripped out her heart...and this guy was married. How dare he toy with any girls emotions. She felt anger againd but sighed, and started to count to try and not loose her cool again.

She looked at the new comers and heard what her friend said. "O yes we can tour the grounds if you three would like the gardens are lovely this time."

Mar. 1st, 2009

WIFE?!?!?! If she wasnt standing in front of these new comers she would of facepalmed herself and groaned.

She just planted a brighter smile, "Wells its very nice to meet you all. You all can call me Mako."

Mar. 1st, 2009

As they reached the group of men. Mako was drawn to the man with silver hair..the intensity of his eyes made her shiver inside.

When Serenity mentioned her name she gave a bow and a sly smile.
She was shocked to see the interaction with Saturn and the outer. However knew it wasn't her place to judge she did the same thing a few moments ago. Soon enough a packed was made and she was shipped off.

She couldn't say she was going to the miss the girl she really didn't have time to know her. But dammit all having that girl here was the most she had seen Ami from her books and Serenity not crying over her love.

She was walking behind Ami and Mina looking over the palace. When she saw a new group of people up a head...they looked different and what her heart was telling her was conflicting with what she saw.

She just shook it off she was wrong so many time and made so many upset before. Sighing she walked on with a plastic smile on her face.
Fighter paused to consider. If people were coming to Kinmoku to deliver a dire warning, which would be less threatening?

Neither, truth be told, because senshi are a terribly suspicious lot by nature. They had to be, really Their whole lives revolved around protecting the people of their planet and their Princess. Letting your guard down, even for a minute, could potentially lead to disaster.

So, civilian or senshi? Senshi or civilian? It's not like they were going to try and hide their identity. They wanted an audience with the Queen of this realm. They were going to announce that they were on a mission from Kinmoku - another realm, far away. Did it really matter if they new the embassadors were Sailor Senshi?

Well, it never hurt to have an ace up one's sleeve, now, did it?

Fighter let her henshin slip, and was slightly disappointed (though not surprised) that her male disguise was still intact. (Thankfully, she'd dressed appropriately, so various articles of clothing didn't ride, bunch, or cling. Being male could be uncomfortable at times!) "Fine. Disguise it is. Yaten, I'd tell you to be male, but you'd never, ever pass," the handsome bishonen said, shooting the silver-haired empath a quirky grin.

Er.. um.. I can explain

Seiya burst out laughing as Healer fell into the fountain, only to snap his mouth shut at the rich, tenor sound that came from his mouth. 'Man, I sound so weird like this...' he thought.

"The hell did you do to yourself?! You look unnatural!"

Blushing, Seiya quickly turned his back and henshined as Healer continued her tirade.

"Mah. Mah. You are fine, Healer," Fighter replied, inwardly relieved to hear her own alto tones once again. "We're just going to pop in, deliver Ouhi's message, and then leave again. I was just playing around with our new disguise power..." Coughing and turning red, she motioned to the sky. "Shall we go? Or do you want to go by ship?"

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Seiya's (crappy) first post

All you have to do is close your eyes and concentrate. Relax. Keep the image that you want in your mind, then call your henshin. That's what Hime had said.

"Fighter Disguise Power! Change!"

Her body began to tingle as the magic coursed through her.

Remember - this is different from your average disguise power. It is particularly useful if you need to infiltrate an enemy organization.

She felt her body begin to flow and shift. It was very, very -odd-.

It does not wear off until you will it to. You can spend weeks in this disguise, and only you would know the difference. Read more...Collapse )

OOC: And this would be my attempt at coming up with a plausable reason as to why Fighter would be (temporarily) male. Lame, but it's better than ignoring the reason why completely. :P
She walked in to the room as Serenity was putting up her hair. Placing the flowers on the vanity next to hear she smiled at Serenity looking at the mirror. Turning around she sat on the edge of the bed stretching her legs.

"I wanted to say I'm sorry for what occurred, I know it wasnt my place to talk like that I over stepped my boundaries. I hope you can forgive me."

She heard the crash and saw Serenity run from the room..the sight that she saw was not good. So this is what her heart was telling her that no good can come anymore it was all a battle to come.

Holding her pen she turned in to her solider form and walked in from of the princess, "You will not lay on finger on this girl or the Princess. You have no right to use your powers against her."

Turning to Saturn she placed her hand on her should, "I was wrong and I am sorry. We can talk later. K?" Giving a thumbs up to Saturn and a quick smile, she turned back to the other two soliders.